I have been with my husband for four years, i came across this website and i discovered my husband is a narcissist to a tee, when you described the relationship phase i was going crazy.... you described my life with this man.

The reason i came a cross this website is that i caught my husband cheating yesterday, i have caught him cheating with this same girl three times... But reading all the information you put here i realized why. My husband hasn't left me because i am the primary source to supply for his narcissism. I have loved him unconditionally, I constantly praise him and I don't bring up his bad qualities and he loves it. Now why is he with her too... She does the same thing, she literally told me she didn't care if he was with me and if he had other mistresses... she loves him and she seriously thinks he loves her too.

Well when i caught him cheating yesterday, it was very upsetting to say the least but he immediately came home. He was angry i had caught him even saying the other woman was insane, he was at her home talking with her brother and that i was wrong to jump to conclusions... But he told me he was leaving in a week but since yesterday he dosn't leave the house, just to go to work and right back.. I told him to his face your telling me your not leaving right now (i told him numerous times yesterday to leave) but you want me to believe your leaving in a week.

I am very sad and tired i have two beautiful twin boys with him and to some standard he is a loving father. The way you described how to manipulate a narcissist is exactly how i have gotten through four years with this man. But i am in love and even though I discovered how to manipulate him early in our relationship it hurts when he throws in my face like yesterday that he only cares about himself. I really believe narcissists are incapable of truly falling in love. I wanted to thank you because it feels good to know i am not the one who is mentally unstable.