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  • JLP said More...
    I loved him for 15 years and also los... 2 years ago
  • Elli said More...
    This is a classic and heartbreaking s... 2 years ago
  • Selena said More...
    I'm 24 and I have in this relationshi... 2 years ago
  • Selena said More...
    I'm 24 and I have in this relationshi... 2 years ago
  • lgl56 said More...
    I left my guy Nov 2014. Rented the ap... 2 years ago
  • unknown said More...
    Hi..I read your story and feel your p... 2 years ago
Personal Stories of Difficult Relationships
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1 About Maria and the Background of this Support Website 46622
2 My Boyfriend of 10 Years Left Me for Another Woman - How to Recover 11618
3 My Husband Loves Me Dearly - Why Did He Have an Affair? 44996
4 Husband's Strange Behavior - How Do I Know if He is a Narcissist? 44184
5 I Love My Husband But I Cannot Live with Him Anymore 37178
6 Why is It So Difficult to End an Unhealthy Relationship? 54348
7 My Husband has Narcissistic Personality Disorder - How to Cope 176071
8 Boyfriend Treated Me Coldly and Broke Up with Me - How Can I Recover? 39957
9 How Can I Make My Boyfriend Trust Me Again 42313
10 Husband Contacts Other Women Behind my Back - How Do I Deal with It? 5413
11 Hurting after Divorcing a Narcissistic Husband - How to Move On? 3895
12 I Cheated on My Girlfriend in the Past and I Regret It Dearly - How Can I Get Her Back? 17882
13 Ending a Relationship with a Narcissistic Person - Getting Over the Pain 3119
14 Fiancé Sent Facebook Messages to Other Women - How to Get Over the Pain 6210
15 Married to a Narcissistic Person - Breaking Free 3010
16 How to Let go of the Painful Memories Related to Cheating 4955
17 How to Get Over an Affair and Regain Trust in a Relationhsip 3793
18 How to Recognize an Emotional Abuser - Personal Experience 57370
19 My Experience with a Narcissistic Spouse - Signs of Narcissism 20627
20 Is it Possible to Get Over Emotional Cheating in a Relationship? 11762
21 I Found Out My Husband Has Been Having Multiple Affairs - How to Survive 20671
22 How to Let Go of the Negative Emotions After Seeing Pictures of My Boyfriend with Another Woman 44659
23 My Husband Wants to Keep Both Me and His Lover - How to Get Over the Pain? 17906
24 What Makes us Stay in a Relationship with a Narcissistic and Dishonest Spouse? 16399
25 Getting Over the Emotional Pain after the Break Up with a Narcissistic Spouse 8066
26 How to Break the Cycle of Infidelity and Save the Marriage 4379
27 How to Break Safely Free from a Narcissistic Spouse 21439
28 Signs of Emotional Abuse and Narcissism in a Relationship 7779
29 How to Move On After Ending an Unhappy Relationship 9630
30 How to Let Emotionally Go of a Relationship that is Not Working 2964
31 How to Get Emotionally Over Someone One Loves 16405
32 How to Recognize a Narcissist - Warning Signs of Emotional Abuse 52823
33 How to End a Relationship with a Narcissistic Spouse 4204
34 Unexpected Emotional Coldness and Angry Outbursts - Understanding Boyfriend's Strange Behavior 83929
35 Boyfriend was Living a Double Life - How to Recover from the Pain 20044
36 Recognizing an Abuser - Detachment from a Toxic Relationship 9417
37 Depressed after Ending a Relationship with a Narcissistic Emotional Abuser 595345
38 Depressed after being Abused in a Relationship - How to Recover 17507
39 Depressed after Cheating and Miscarriage 20672
40 How to Recover from Depression after a Relationship Has Ended 13697
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