Sounds like my ex boyfriend's behavior. I also begged him to come back to me after we broke up the first time even tho I knew it was a mistake. We got back together and after six months we broke up again. This time I decided to stay strong and I did not ask him to get back together. Fast forward one year and lo and behold, he starts sending me emails asking me to get back together. Luckily at that point I had recovered to the point where I could see him for what he truly is and I had no intention to let him pull me back into that hell.

He still keeps sending those emails, telling me how much he loves me etc, that I am the only right woman for him, that we shared something so special and so on and so on, even tho he is already involved with another woman. He keeps repeating the same mistakes with her, being dishonest and sending emotional emails and texts to other women (to me in this case). I feel so sorry for his new girlfriend, I wish she realizes what kind of a person he is and walks away before it is too late.

I count my blessings that I got rid of him.