Hi, I came home three weeks ago to a letter from my partner saying that our relationship was at rock bottom and had been for a long time! He stated in the letter that he was not leaving me for anyone else and no one else involved! He said he was going to get a flat and if there was a way off fixing this this nay be the dramatic course off action required! He asked me too respect his wishes and leave him be for a few days too assess the situation! And if I did that the lines off communication could remain open! He said also not too speak to any friends and he would do the same! I am distraught! After reading the letter I thought ok, he a bit depressed and sad and respect his wishes! I then went around the house and he had taken all his belongings! Everything off his and I mean pictures off walls and everything that belonged too him! I immediately panicked and phoned and left message after message and just do not think you would take everything! Maybe pack a bag but everything!!!! I then txt saying you are right, sorry! It is now three weeks and we have had no contact! If he phoned I don't actually feel ready too speak too him and I just can't function properly at s! My daughter is due a baby in next few weeks and I should be soo happy! My mum is unwell and my dad is a full time cater for her! I just feel everything a mess and finding it very hard too be happy and get up and go! I put eight years in to this relationship and just don't know what will happen next! This is his house and I feel sick and alone as none off him is here and always he was obviously very clever and never took anything about us, photos or memories! He must have also planned this as no way could have organised a van and too clear everything while I was at work! He usually goes skiing next week and I just dunno if that happening or not or where he is! Have heard from a few friends he was in the pub saying he had left me and that I am a bad bitch and he will never be back! He obviously didn't even stop too think that I might have been in the pub! Or maybe just guessed that I would be home alone crying and on websites searching for some strength. I feel my whole being had gone, I was happy, laughing, cheery honest good caring person and all gone! I feel I am Losing friends and just don't know who to trust or believe! Why can't I remember all the sad times and the times he used to run away and leave me in a pub or jump out the taxi at traffic lights to go elsewhere and all the hurt he has caused me! And why can't I get strong! I have always been strong and I look awful and have always been attractive. Please help